Monday, July 11, 2011

Jes is Thirty Giveaway

Jes is turning 30 and she wants to celebrate it with a big bang and give away lots of prizes to all the bloggers out there!

"What is your memorable birthday experience and how did you celebrate it?

My memorable birthday experience happened last year.  At exactly 8:00 in the morning of January 8 I woke up and suddenly I smell something different, I found out that it was the rose petals with a scent of my favorite perfume scattered in my room and in the middle of it I found a long stem rose with a note "Happy Birthday Mahal Ko".  It was simple yet very solemn and memorable for me.  How did we celebrate it?  We just went outside the veranda, drink a cup of coffee, eating my favorite Sansrival while enjoying the breeze of the air.


So guys, if you want to go party and win some prizes join Jes is Thirty” {Giveaway}

And Ms. Jes want to thank all of her sponsors

Come and join the party!