Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Relationship Saved by Online Contests: My Bloggable Event for 2010

What would you do for love?  This year I had found love a new and with that love I grew as a person and explored new things.  My fiance and I had different perspective in life.  He is an advocate and I am a practical person and that is the common reason why we argue.  Sometimes I hate him and there are times that I thought our relationship would end but we always find the time to talk and settle it.  We argue about two things his view in life and financial matters.
This year, it is this argument which led me to discover about online contests. My first contest was the Canon Scanography in Facebook where I won a brand new Canon MP258. I never knew that there were too many contests online until I found new friends who are also into joining contests. It was very exciting and soon I have found Dave and I joining contests. Well, I did encourage him to join and he was really amazed because he says I am lucky when it comes to online contests. Little did he know that joining such contests is both a therapy and also a way to help our relationship.

My first winning prize
For many joining contests is a way to get prizes and sell them but for me it is more like helping our relationship by finding new ways to spend time and also get items that we could both enjoy like movie tickets and food. I am not into it for the money but finding online contests a way to finally be at the same level of interest as he is.

This December I was even surprised because of our joint passion for contests and making it known to other people as well as in sharing our experiences with products and food. Our blog, The Products Blog was selected as one of the finalist for the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards Best Business Blog. It is one of the few things which we have worked together and successfully do it.

It might be funny but in 2010 I learned a lot of things incluing how to understand my fiance through indirect things. My experience on online contests seems to be an eye opener for our relationship. I experienced how to win and lose. I felt how to be happy and sad, to be bitter and appreciative and lots more. It seems to tell me to appreciate our relationship more because it is comparable to the experiences I felt.

I have to thank online contests and such experiences because now I am able to love him more and understand him greater. Now, I am thankful to Batang Yagit and Jehzeel Laurente because I am able to share my experience with others.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need a Blackberry Curve Badly!!!

This is my Old age phone
My old age phone!! I need a new one

China Phone China Phone Go away! BB Makes My Day  

Why do I badly need the BLACKBERRY CURVE?

Here are my reasons:

1.  I'm selling mobile loads.  I can now easily access and sell loads to my client in a minute span of time without any hassle and lowbat status mode.

2.  I love to visit social networking sites and surfing the net.  I can now easily access the Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, my Gmail and others.

3. I love taking pictures so definitely I know that this BB curve has a great quality in pictures

4.  I love MP3.  I'm fond of downloading songs and surely I will put all my favorites songs in my BB curve :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Chose Newz Around Us

I voted for News Around Us

I choose this blog because it contains lot of news, opinions and everyday updates on different current events like politics, entertainment, information technology, movies, etc.