Monday, August 30, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

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Here are my TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS that I used to read everyday.

1.  Gadgets and Tech.  Blog wherein you can read about the latest news about TVs, laptops, cellphones, cars, and other electronic items and software.

2.  The Products Blog. A blog review of products, services and other entity

3.  Manila Fitness.  This site’s objective is to post entries regarding health, wellness and nutrition especially for women. Some entries will be based on the writer’s opinions and some will be based on research. One of their goal is to have both the fitness enthusiasts and the not so enthusiastic want to learn more about human body and how to make it healthier, hotter and happier.

4.  Jay.eLx- Blogging about movies and other events are the best thing I like in this blog.  If you want to get updated, visit the blog.

 5. Mapanghingi ka Ba.  It is a personal blog written by Astig316.  This blog features promos and online contest

6. M3Clicks.  One of my favorite photo blog.  It features fascinating moments, place, collections and variety of things that they captured using their camera.

7.  SM City Baliwag.  Another blog of SM wherein it entails and tackles about press releases about their events which you can found in Baliwag, Bulacan.

8. Generously Greedy.  This blog also features online promos and contest. 

9.  Blog Watch.   It shows the power and capability of citizen journalism and shows the possibility of creating a genuine new media alternative

10.  Health Tips 2u.  A health care blog  that includes common diseases and illness with also includes tips and advices from the expert.

Well, here' are my top 10 list. and good luck to all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manila Fitness Promo

"The state of being physically active on a regular basis to maintain good physical condition".  Physical fitness is exercise. Whether exercise is aerobic or anaerobic, exercise, health,  and physical fitness go together for life.
This is the best description for the word FITNESS.

This is also one of the goals and objectives of Manila Fitness.
Our objective is to post entries regarding health, wellness and nutrition especially for women. Some entries will be based on the writer’s opinions and some will be based on research. Our goal is to have both the fitness enthusiasts and the not so enthusiastic want to learn more about human body and how to make it healthier, hotter and happier.
Nokia Philippines tie up with Manila Blogs Family to give different types of phones to all their fans and readers.  And because of that, Manila Fitness will be giving away FREE NOKIA 3720.

What are the features of the phone?

  • It has a Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support. 
  • It has a 2 megapixel camera, autofocus and LED flash that will help you take pictures. 
  • It has an FM radio Stereo with RDS. 
  • It has Bluetooth (with A2DP) and microUSB port.
  • If you are love running dark and rough paths, the Nokia 3720 is for you. It is IP54 certified – dust and water jets resistant. It has a key so that you can use the camera light and convert it to a flashlight for trail running.
If you want to know more about this promo, click here for the full mechanics.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manila Shopaholic's Newest Promo

What is Manila Shopaholic?
Last March 19, 2010, Manila Shopaholic was born.  It is a blog where you can find the best of shopping places eventhough you have limited budget in your pocket.  
And because they are celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary, Manila Shopaholic will be giving away FREE NOKIA PHONE which is the Nokia C5.

Is Nokia C5 is appropriate to all shoppers? YES 100%

  • Perfect for the fashionable and stylish shopper because it is very sleek and convenient to use. 
  • You can stack in anywhere and its very lightweight. 
  • Easily can access popular social networking sites such as Facebook. 
  • You can also access Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo with Nokia Messaging or you can get a free acount from Ovi Mail which you can access via phone or PC. 
  • Can chat with people via Google Talk and Windows Messenger.
  • Comes in 2 colors: white and warm gray. 
  • Has a slot for MicroSD memory card slot 
  • Can store up to a maximum of 16 GB which is in addition to the 50MB internal memory that it already has.
  • You can Sync using Nokia PC Suite or Bluetooth.
Want to know more about this promo?  Visit here for the full mechanics

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Manila Reviews newest promo, "Nokia: My Life"

Yipee....another NOKIA gadget will be given away. 

Manila Reviews recently launched their newest promo, "Nokia: My Life"

Just a bit information about them.  Manila Reviews aims is to feature great "little" things in every aspect either events, news, people and happenings all over the Philippines.  They usually focus on reviewing products or other services like Pinoy foods and Pinoy Entrepreneur.

And because of that, Manila Reviews reach their goals and celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary by giving away FREE NOKIA 5230 to all readers and followers who had been loyal to them since 2005.

You can view the FULL MECHANICS here

Promo is already started last August 16 and will end in September 16, 2010.  All entries will place in an system to choose specific winner for each of the blogs.

So what you are waiting for?  Join know and become a part of Manila Blogs Family

Sunday, August 8, 2010

RedFox Cool Desktops That Fits You

Red Fox with the cute fox logo symbolizes the strength and aggressiveness of their designs and specifications. Their laptops connotes quality and unparalleled support which can be said to be at par with other competitors. Also, their desktop provides the opportunity for everyone to own one regardless of your income and status.

I had the chance to look at Red Fox Desktops and if there are specifications that I always deem to be a must is that: (1) The graphics card should not be on-board meaning it should be a standalone card; and (2) The OS should be at least XP or Windows 7 and not Windows Vista.

Perhaps people would ask why but the reason is that an on-board card eats up your PC resources resulting in lower quality of graphics and computer hangups. As for the choice of Operating System, most of us knows why Windows Vista was immediately replaced by Windows 7. Windows Vista is a resource and memory hungry piece of OS.

For me I choose two desktops from Red Fox, one is the entry level and the other one is my dream desktop.

First let us talk about my recommended entry level RedFox Desktop PC. I would recommend the DESKPOD 8400. This unit will only cost you Php22,699.00 and it's not bad for an entry level desktop computer. I am also recommending Windows XP OS for an entry level computer since it does not eat much of the memory of both the computer and the graphics card.

The Red Fox DESKPOD 8400 comes with a Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home. It runs on AMD Sempron 140 (2.7GHz, 1MB L2 Cache)/ Although I dislike onboard video cards, I am recommending this because the OS will compensate for it. This unit has Nvidia GeForce 6150 Graphics which is a good graphics card.

I do recommend however to add at least 1Gb or 2Gb memory for the Red Fox DESKPOD 8400 so that its performance will be better but it is not necessary or required since 1GB DDR2 800MHz memory is okey. The unit also comes with a DVD R/W, 17" LCD monitor and a 160GB (SATA) Hard Disk drive. (Detailed information on the RedFox DESKPOD 8400 here)

For my dream RedFox desktop I choose Red Fox VENGEANCE EVO 502. This dekstop unit boosts a strong powered processor at 3.0Ghz with 6MB L3 Cache and runs on a Genuine WIndows 7 Home Basic. These tandem will surely make this desktop work superbly in any computer application.

That's not all for the Red Fox VENGEANCE EVO 502 is powered by ATI RADEO HD 4650 graphics card. ATI is by the way one of the best manufacturers of graphics card and they outshine others when it comes to crisp display and gameplay quality for high end games. The graphics card will also be getting a power boost from its 4GB (DDR3 1333 MHz) memory.

The coolest feature of this desktop is the fact that it is the first time that I would ever see and if possible own a hardisk which has 1TB or 1 Terrabyte capacity that is 1,000Gigabytes plus it is a SATA HD. The RedFox VENGEANCE EVO 502 also comes with the latest USB 3.0 technology for fast sharing of date plus a 21.6" LCD monitor. Cool indeed. (Detailed information on the RedFox VENGEANCE EVO 502 here)

How much? The RedFox VENGEANCE EVO 502 costs Php59,999,00.

Although I am recommending these two RedFox desktop PC units I am not saying that the other RedFox units are inferior. I am suggesting this based on my own experience when it comes to desktop computers.

For those who want to buy RedFox products you can view the list of RedFox resellers here. If you want to know more about other RedFox products then visit their official website at

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Super One, My Super Mom

Who is your Super One and why?

"We can replace almost everybody but not our parents." This is the saying which I always remember whenever I see my mother, The hardships and sacrifices she made for my two brothers and me are immeasurable. She did everything so that we can finish our studies. Whenever she has a problem she would try to resolve it so that we will not be burdened. For many years she had been a single mom to us and one that can be called a Super Mom. She is my Super One.

When my father died about fifteen years ago, my mother took his role and never complained. She would cook for us, send us to school, give us money to support our studies. She always smiled and at times scolded us for the wrong that we have done. Never have we seen her depressed nor lost her composure, she is always calm, smiles and always strong.

I know that I had not been a very good daughter to her. I had been at times naughty or "pasaway" in Filipino and sometimes refused to listen to her. Despite all of this I admire her and I always loved her every second of my life. I always show my love for her and hopes that she will understand me for those times that I am "pasaway."

My mom still does the laundry and she never bothers us though because of her age I know that she needs our help. I hope that I can find time to really help her in the chores so that she can have a time to relax and enjoy life. She had been so busy and so diligent all her life that she deserves to be happy and a reward from us.

No one can ever replace my mom. She will always be my Super One, my Super Mom.

Thanks to Globe for coming up with a blogging contest like this because through this I was able to express my love for my mom. You too can express your love to your Super One through the Globe Super One, My Super One Blog Contest.