Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blogger's Event at SM Marilao Foodcourt

David and I went to the SM City Marilao yesterday to attend the Bloggers Event in SM Foodcourt. They said that the event will start at 2:00 pm . I must say that we're still waiting for the other bloggers to come.

They gave us some leaflets regarding the SM Foodcourt wherein it tells what good place to eat and good place to meet.

SM Marilao Foodcourts starts with 8 counters

The SM Marilao Foodcourt's main objective:

1. Provide a wifi for all
2. To prefered SM to be the place to meet people or said to be a meeting place
3. Provide good food to all

Here are the list of the good place to eat at SM Marilao Foodcourt stated in their brochure.

1. Aling Lucing: The Sisig Queen
2. Chanssel Pizza
3. Baliwag Lechon Manok, atbp
4. Chicken Company
5. Inihaw Express
6. Sizzling Plate
7. Kusina ni Gracia
8. Tropical Hut

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Send your request of favorite song to Ms. Lea Salonga

While reading some stuff and chixmax in PEP site, I eventually found a site for Ms. Lea Salonga.

The site tells about her upcoming concert in CCP Complex on December 11 and 12, 2009. It tells also that you can send a request of your favorite song and she will sing it during her concert.

She also tells that they will choose the top 3 most requested song, everyone who asked for top winning 3 songs are eligible for the raffle ticket to her upcoming concert.

Well, I've already send my request which is "Bayan Ko" which she sung last time during Cory's requiem mass and "Sana Maulit Muli"

Visit her site: Lea Salonga... Your Songs

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic

Yesterday we bought a DVD movie entitled "Confessions of a Shopaholic". At first, I don't want to bought this movie I prefer to watch Transformer 2 but suddenly when David showed me the story behind the shopaholic movie, I decided to watched it.

The story was when Rebecca was a young girl, her mom buys her brown shoes that will last forever but aren't very fashionable, while the other little girls in the store are getting cute fashionable shoes. When they look at her mundane shoes, they laugh at her and its at that moment that Rebecca first feels unworthy.

Now, Rebecca Bloomwood, living with her best friend Suze Cleath-Stuart, has moved to Manhattan to nurture her shopping addiction and to get involved in the New York City magazine world. She's a journalist for a garden magazine but she'd rather work for the fashion magazine "Alette". Unfortunately for Rebecca, when she gets to her interview she's told by the male receptionist that the job has been filled. He helps her out by giving her a tip that she should get her foot in the door with another magazine owned by the corporation and then make her way up to "Alette" since the company, Dantay West, owns all the magazines and likes to promote from within. He tells her there are interviews being held at the magazine "Successful Savings"

Rebecca is off to the interview but on the way there she realizes that there is a sale at Denny & George. Inside she finds a beautiful green scarf. Unfortunately her credit card is declined and the sales girl tells her that they can't hold sale items. Rebecca races to the nearest hot dog stand and offers to buy all the hot dogs if he gives her back change in cash. Rebecca lies and says its for her Aunt Ermintrude who is sick in the hospital and she needs the scarf. Finally a man offers her money so she can buy the scarf. When she interviews with Luke Brandon, the editor of the magazine Successful Saving, she finds that he is the man from whom she had borrowed money. While he's still talking on the phone, she throws off her scarf on one of the cubicles and tries to act like it's not hers. The interview doesn't go well for Rebecca, when he asks her what Finnish she speaks and about the current fiscal crisis. She tries to distract him but it all goes badly. Luke's assistant Hayley comes into the room and tells Rebecca that she dropped her scarf. Rebecca knows her game is up and leaves the interview.

Frustrated by her lack of success, she and Suze write drunken letters to Alette magazine and Successful Saving, but she posts each one to the wrong magazine. Nevertheless, Luke Brandon hires her. Then, rather than completing a work assignment, she goes to a clothing sale. When examining an expensive cashmere coat, she realizes that it is 5% cashmere and 95% acrylic. She writes her column, calling herself "the Girl in the Green Scarf". Impressed, her boss, Luke, invites her to a conference in Miami and an important ball. While shopping for the ball, Luke asks what she thinks of him. Rebecca says he is a workaholic and not a good investment as all his hard work goes into the magazine but the earnings to someone else. At a restaurant, another woman, Alicia Billington, asks Luke to the ball. Rebecca learns that Luke is the son of the famous socialite Elinor Sherman and that he knows a lot about clothes. At the ball the two share a romantic moment on the roof.

Rebecca returns home to confrontations with a bill collector and her best friend Suze, who makes her join a Shopaholic-group. Her Shopaholic class leader, Miss Korch, forces her to sell all the clothes she just bought, including her bridesmaid dress. She is later publicly accused of not paying her debts live on a TV show, 'Morning Coffee' and as a consequence loses her job. Though Luke is hurt that Rebecca has lied to him, he still finds her a source of inspiration. Suze finds out that Rebecca sold her maid of honor dress, and forces her to move out.

Rebecca decides to sell all of her clothes in a sale, but hesitates over the green scarf. A blond woman and a woman talking on a telephone begin a bidding war over the scarf. The sale is a success, making it possible for her to repay her debt. Rebecca attends Suze's wedding, and she forgives her, letting her be the maid of honor. Rebecca and Luke come together, with Luke returning her the green scarf;– he was the person behind both bidders. Rebecca ends up working for Luke's new magazine, writing articles such as "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

I rate this movie with a 5 star as the highest because it's very practical, touchy and has a truthful reality.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tom's World is the best!

Last night we went to SM Baliwag together with my brother Mark, JD, David and Patricia. The first thing we do is we went in Tom's World. Actually there are two amusement area in SM, the Tom's World and World of Fun but we rather to chose the Tom's World because it has many games to play with. We spend almost 400 pesos hehehe! But it's okay!

Tricia and JD gathered almost 445 tickets. The sales clerk assisted me and told me that they will issue a fun card that is used for storing and recording the remaining balance of game credits.

After Tom's World we went to Zagu, we bough 2 Grandes of Chocolate and 1 regular chocolate for Tricia. They also watch the magician's playing card tricks!

We got home at 9:00 pm!

Thursday, August 13, 2009, a community portal for all Baliwague├▒os

Hello guys! I'm back! It's been a long time. The last time I wrote here is last August 9, Sunday. I've been busy working in my shop everyday. It's very tough week for me. But anyways, David and I decided to update and re-constructed our community portal which is We chose to re-layout the site, add some designs, update more issues and information. Actually until now, major updating is still our major problem not because we're lazy encoding the information, we still need volunteers and staff to help us in maintaining the site. But we're trying our best to finish it and we already posted in our forum that we are in need of volunteers and staff.

Posted here in the new layout of, a community portal of Baliwaguenos

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final episode of Smallville Season 8

Yesterday, David and I watched the season finale of Smallville Season 8 entitled Doomsday. As the story told, Rokk returns from the 31st Century and informs Clark that Doomsday will kill him, and gives him a new Legion ring to transport Doomsday to the future. Instead, Clark decides to use black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday, and bury the beast a mile underground. Tess confronts Lois about stealing the Kryptonian orb, but as the two fight, Lois finds the Legion ring and is transported to another time in history. When Davis starts to change, Chloe uses the black kryptonite to split him herself. Clark battles Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis and manages to bury Doomsday, as planned, using explosives to seal the tunnel. Davis stabs Jimmy when he realizes that Chloe still loves Jimmy, but before he dies Jimmy impales Davis on a metal rod. Clark tells Chloe that it is human-learned emotions that have caused him the most trouble, and vows that "Clark Kent is dead"; the orb returns to Tess and releases Zod.

Season 9 is coming up soon. I can't hardly wait to see it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 Pictures of Wrong President uttered in Website, broadsheet and TV station

I read in PEP website and saw the 3 pictures uttered a wrong president in a TV station, website and broadsheet.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

David's poem posted in Inquirer.Net website, mobile and newspaper

I'm so proud because someone send a message to David saying that his poem for Cory Aquino was published in website and mobile. We surf the site and found it. David was so happy.

After 2 hours, someone again text David telling him that his poem was also published in newspaper of Inquirer. This afternoon David tried to look for an old newspaper dated yesterday but he didn't found anything. So he decided to asked in every bank in our area, he found one in AMA Bank. I saw happiness in David's face.

So proud of you Mahal!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three Songs that Commemorates Cory Aquino

Here are the three songs that commemorates to former President Cory Aquino. One of the song was composed and sung by Jose Mari Chan entitled I Fell in Love with the Same Woman Three Times. This song was requested by her husband Ninoy Aquino to Jose Mari Chan to composed a song for Cory.

I Fell in love with the Same Woman Three Times

Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo and Magkaisa both dedicated to the couple for their undying love and support to all the Filipinos and protecting our democracy.

Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thank you President Corazon Aquino, you're a great leader

I just want to send my sincere condolence to the Aquino family. Words seems inadequate to express the sadness I feel and deeply saddened to hear that our great leader Mrs. Corazon Aquino passed away. May the comfort of God help you even though you're in heaven right now.

Just want to share to you a poem made by David in his blog dedicated to Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino

Paalam Aming Tita Cory
orihinal na tula ni Shen para kay Cory

Lumuluha habang nagsusulat
Sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan
Pinipigil man ang maungkat
Masakit na katotohanan ang laan

Patay ka na nga o aming Ina
Ina ng Demokrasya ng Bayang Pilipinas
Pagmulat sa amin ang pamana
Pagmamahal mo sa amin ay tunay na wagas

Mula sa simpleng buhay
Tinahak mo ang buhay ng buong tatag
Nanindigan ka para sa aming buhay
Upang kami rin ay maging matatag

Ang iyong inspirasyon aming dadalhin
Habang ang bansang ito ay lumalaban
Ang iyong ala-ala aming mamahalin
Habang kami ay patuloy na sumasagwan

Paalam na aming Tita Cory
Nawa ay patuloy mo kaming bantayan
Paalam na aming Tita Cory
Tandaan mong di nasayang ang iyon binitawan