Friday, July 2, 2010

I want DSLR for my birthday

Well, here is the second part of "The Bloggityboop Birthday Blog Contest".  


The step 2 is I need to answer the question What do you want to have for your birthday and why?

If i'm given a chance I want to have Nikon DSLR D60.

Why?  My hubby and I are really fond of taking pictures everywhere especially when we travel or eat something, we took pictures and post it in our blog.  Our main problem when we took picture is the quality itself.  We only used hubby's camera phone that has 1.3 megapixel.  If we were invited in an event like blogger's night or food trip we borrow digicam to our neighbor Mark.  Mark didn't hesitate to lend us the unit.  But somehow we knew that it is not appropriate to borrow the camera everytime.  Eventhough we can't purchase a brand new DSLR, we're planning to buy digicam in the near future.


cablay said...

Waaa gusto rin yan DSLR woot woot

Maren said...

goodluck ako din sana manalo lol

rheaster said...


ghen andrei said...

i have an Olympus FE-330 camera and hndi din ako satisfied sa quality...wuaahh!! i want DSLR toO..wish! wish!wish!! hihihihihi =)goodluck sis =)

Jay-L said...

yan din gusto ko, kapag may event di ko kase nakukuhan masyado sa digicam ko. ipon muna ko hehe :]

Ellen Joy said...

gusto ko din ng dslr... pag nagkaroon ako niyan, magpho-photo something business ako :)

Thanks for joining my contest :)