Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mallory is the name

John Dwight bought a rat puppet at Blue Magic in SM City Marilao. He was amazed at the puppet and is very eager to own one so he bought it with his own money. To our surprise the puppet has a name. His pet was named, Mallory. The tag on the suffed toy even has some instruction on how to care for the pet.

SM City Marilao Launches Free WiFi

November 20, SM City Marilao launches its Free Wifi together with PhilCom,  PhilCom can be said as one of the oldest but not that popular telecommunications company in the country possibly because it had concentrated its operation in Mindanao.  Based on its website, it is said to have been established in 1924 and now is on its 85th year of service.

Based on initial test the Wifi connection is fast and reliable although we can never say if it will remain the same when people in the mall begin using it.  But definitely it will be robust considering the quality assurance that SM Malls is putting towards all their services.

The Wifi launching in SM City Marilao was a success.  The event was highlighted by games, a cosplay which is first in Bulacan and where 8 cosplayers participated, and intermission number.  The press was also present during the event as well as bloggers.  Punla, the local provincial publication and UNTV were among those who attended.

And I'm so proud to say that David won a Nokia 7100 Supernova cellphone and at the same time JD won the first place in the puzzle solving contest.  We also received P 400 worth of gift certificates and 2 gifts courtesy of SM Supermalls.

Congratulations SM City Marilao!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Event of Mr. Nicanor Perlas

David went to Manila yesterday afternoon to attend the dinner engagement courtesy of Nicanor Perlas, a certified and guaranteed not a "TRAPO" and a candidate for 2010 Presidential election.  He met different people in different sectors like Kiko Rustia of Born to Be Wild, Bb. Joyce Bernal, a film and television director, Mr. Mahar Mangahas, SWS President and many more.  He also interviewed Perlas for the "Project Survival" .

Posted below are the pictures of the yesterday's event



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quarantine movie... a movie to you should watched!

Yesterday midnight, we decided to watch Quarantine movie.    I really don't know the story of this movie but it tells about the planning of wiping out humanity by means of rabies.

Quarantine is a 2008 American horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle and starring Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Steve Harris, Rade Šerbedžija, Greg Germann, Bernard White, and Johnathon Schaech.

Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman Scott Percival (Steve Harris), a late night television host and crew duo, set out to film a report on the night shift of a Los Angeles fire station. Angela and Scott are introduced to firefighters Fletcher (Johnathon Schaech) and Jake (Jay Hernandez).

A medical emergency at an apartment complex is reported and the night shift is sent in. Yuri (Rade Šerbedžija) the building manager leads everyone and two police officers, James (Andrew Fiscella) and Danny (Columbus Short), to the apartment of Mrs. Espinoza (Jeannie Epper), the source of prior screaming. Yuri knocks, waits, then unlocks the door and a dog runs out. Inside, Espinoza is hysterical. While trying to subdue the crazed elder, James gets bitten by Espinoza. The police and firemen save him and leave her in the apartment, with Fletcher to keep watch over her. Lawrence (Greg Germann), a veterinarian, tends to the injured policeman when Fletcher falls off a railing and hits the floor of the lobby several stories below. His neck is broken and his bones are shattered, and there are signs of him being bitten as well, though a pulse is still detectable. Danny and Jake go upstairs, and Danny is forced to shoot Espinoza after she growls and charges at them, even more hysterical than the prior times she is shown on camera. Upon return downstairs, Danny, Jake, Angela, and Scott learn that all exterior windows and doors are sealed from the outside due to a containment process by police officers outside the building; all cell phones and cable connections to televisions are jammed, as well. Everyone except two people, and a sick woman named Elise (Stacy Chbosky) are brought downstairs by the fire department. During a short lull in the action, Angela interviews Briana (Joey King), the five-year-old daughter of two tenants who is sick with bronchitis. Briana reveals that her father took her sick dog, Max, to the animal hospital, which is why he is not around. Lawrence concludes that the symptoms of those infected are similar to rabies, only much more fast-acting.  Source:

The rest .... you should watch this movie. 

Addicted in Facebook

I never imagined myself being addicted in playing games in Facebook. I spend almost 8 hours a day playing Farm Town, Restaurant City, Fishville, Cafe World, Roller Coaster Kingdom, Farm Pals, Top Restaurant, Animal Ranch, Happy Aquarium, Fish World, My Aquarium, Happy Farm, Farm Ville, Island Paradise, Country Crop.

I don't play Yoville, it's so boring!  

Monday, November 2, 2009

Paranormal Activity is awesome!

Last two nights, David and I watched horror movies.  We decided to watched first the Paranormal activity because David is very eager and intrigue in this movie.  Reading some reviews and recommendation from other sites and blog, they say that this movie is guaranteed and certified a hit and recommended to be watched. 

Paranormal Activity runs only for about 1 hour and 25 minutes and one of the best low horror budget in the history of movie industry in America. 

Posting below is the trailer of Paranormal Activity which I found in

All Saint's Day (November 1)

Wohhh... It's been a long time since I wrote here in my blog.   It's a very tough month for me because of work load I had for last 2 months (September & October).

Every year we celebrate All Saints Day (November 1).  We usually go to cemetery to give respect and pray for our loved ones who died already.  But this year, this is the day I will visit my father's grave, the reason is that I don't want to see stupid Bolang (my father's sister).  I really hate her.  Even my mother doesn't like her. 

But anyways I don't want to be the center of attention here in my blog!

My mom bought a flower which is not the usual flower we saw in the market.  I don't know the name but the flower is very beautiful.  It's a lavander type flower.  I'm trying to research the name of the flower and thank God, I found it.  It's a Milflores. 

Posting below is the sample picture of the flower (but did is not the actual the flower we bought).  I just want the reader to visualize the flower.  I got this picture from a certain Connie Veneracion (credits for you) thanks!