Friday, October 9, 2009

Marvin Keifer voted out

I didn't expect this!  I thought Tara!  I want Tara to be voted out! 

Marvin Kiefer is the seventh castaway voted out by his tribe mates "Sonsorol" and the first jury member.

Before going to the hot seat later, it seems that there are definite plans for the upcoming Tribal Council.   They think that Tara should be voted out first because of her attitude, then Marvin will be the next target thinking that Marvin is the biggest threat for them followed by Justine.

But plans can be changed instantly.   During the tribal council, Paolo Bediones asked every tribe members about their reactions and comments regarding the merge.

After writing the name of who they will vote out, 9 out of 10 voted for Marvin.  But before Marvin leave the tribal council Paolo instructed Marvin to give a black pearl symbolize a +1 vote.  He decided to give it to Mika, the reason is that Marvin thinks that Mika is the leader of the "girls alliance" and cannot be trusted.  Paolo also instructed Marvin to give white pearl symbolize a -1 vote and he immediately gave it to Suzuki.

Marvin accepts his faith because he knew that God has a reason.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tarpaulin # 11

Another tarpaulin I made for Baby Mhiel.  I reduced the size so I can upload it here

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A frustrated Aga

I found this video in PEP site just want to share!

A frustrated Aga Muhlach talks about the way things are being run by the government.

Although the interview was taped two years ago in the show Straight Talk hosted by Chito Beltran, some of the Facebook users who posted this clip in their wall, thought what Aga said in that show still makes sense today.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My sentiments about government employees of municipality of Nueva Ecija

My day is not good! Actually I'm so angry... very angry... very...very angry and mad.  I want to say the "f" word to all people.

Why angry?  Why mad?

I'm so mad and very angry to the finance department of Municipality of Nueva Ecija.  It's just that their hosting and domain account under Filcode was already overdue and they have a balance of P13,000 plus.  David need to settle this account to the Filcode because the company already gave warning to David that if the account can't sustain and update their balance, they will suspend the account and David will automatically considered black listed to the company.

I really don't know how hard for them to issue a government cheque.  If I remember, 2nd week of September, David already send a billing statement to them.  We also texted and called them reminding the payment and the only thing they told us is "they will immediately arrange the necessary document".  It so happen that almost mid of 3rd and 4th week of the month, David decided to go to Nueva Ecija to collect the money.    He waited for so many hours and found out that stupid guy who is handling the site didn't arranged and issue a voucher.  After so many hours again, David waited again and suddenly they say that they can't issue the cheque without the signature of the municipality mayor.

David decided not to go home in that day and wait for the other day to release the check... and you know what happen.. just like what happen yesterday... again they said that the mayor is not yet around.

Last time, David decided and told the guy that if the mayor already sign the checque, deposit it immediately to David's account.  But they told us that the cheque was already given to the person who manages the site and David should personally picked up the cheque.  This morning David went to Nueva Ecija to pick up the cheque but in our shocked they said again that the cheque cannot be release because the accountant is not around and she will only return in October 10.  What the "f" are they?  What kind of services do the employees of municipality of Nueva Ecija do they have?  Are the taxes that paid by the individual person to the government is worth given for?  I don't think so.!

TAMAD! MAKUPAD! MABAGAL! HINDI WORTH IT ANG BINABAYAD SA KANILA!  Kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansa natin dahil sa ganitong sistema natin!