Monday, May 31, 2010

Obstacles and Glories 2nd Blog Anniversary Giveaway

While doing a blog hopping and clicking entrecard I found a blog named Rose's Obstacles and Glories which offer a giveaway for her 2nd Blog Anniversary.  I got interested and want to join the contest.  I hope I win :) wink! wink!

The blog anniversary was sponsored by CSN online store.  The mechanics is to visit the CSN online store and choose from the kitchen accessories and home decor the product that you like if you're the lucky winner.  The chosen product must have the price of $100 or below with free shipping and if possible upload the picture.  As I visited the site, I choose this product:  

Freckles Urban Duvet Set - URBN DVT ST.  

The item cost exactly $100 with FREE Shipping

Take note,  If the winner is a resident of Canada or United States, you will be awarded the $100 coupon code which you can use one time in the CSN store. If the product that you want to buy exceeds the amount of the code, you will be responsible for the excess. I suggest, you pick the product that has free shipping and the amount is $100 so that you will not spend a single penny. If the winner is not a Canada or US resident, I will send you $25 from my paypal to your paypal account.

Contest will end at June 14, 2010


chubskulit said...

Hi Rino (is this your first name?), thanks for joining the giveaway... Hope you win! Check back on June 15 for the result..

To complete your participation, please follow my Spice Up Your Life blog and subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks, please let me know when you have completed the requirement, thanks again.. Nice to meet you by the way.