Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Event of Mr. Nicanor Perlas

David went to Manila yesterday afternoon to attend the dinner engagement courtesy of Nicanor Perlas, a certified and guaranteed not a "TRAPO" and a candidate for 2010 Presidential election.  He met different people in different sectors like Kiko Rustia of Born to Be Wild, Bb. Joyce Bernal, a film and television director, Mr. Mahar Mangahas, SWS President and many more.  He also interviewed Perlas for the "Project Survival" .

Posted below are the pictures of the yesterday's event




Shen said...

Kiko is there for the taping of Green Agenda featuring Nick Perlas which will be aired on Born to Be Wild.

Mahar is there perhaps to see Nick Perlas for himself considering SWS is one of the credible survey agencies.

What was surprising was Joyce Bernal and I am hinting that she is supporting Nick Perlas... indeed she has the eye for a real non-trapo.