Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Super One, My Super Mom

Who is your Super One and why?

"We can replace almost everybody but not our parents." This is the saying which I always remember whenever I see my mother, The hardships and sacrifices she made for my two brothers and me are immeasurable. She did everything so that we can finish our studies. Whenever she has a problem she would try to resolve it so that we will not be burdened. For many years she had been a single mom to us and one that can be called a Super Mom. She is my Super One.

When my father died about fifteen years ago, my mother took his role and never complained. She would cook for us, send us to school, give us money to support our studies. She always smiled and at times scolded us for the wrong that we have done. Never have we seen her depressed nor lost her composure, she is always calm, smiles and always strong.

I know that I had not been a very good daughter to her. I had been at times naughty or "pasaway" in Filipino and sometimes refused to listen to her. Despite all of this I admire her and I always loved her every second of my life. I always show my love for her and hopes that she will understand me for those times that I am "pasaway."

My mom still does the laundry and she never bothers us though because of her age I know that she needs our help. I hope that I can find time to really help her in the chores so that she can have a time to relax and enjoy life. She had been so busy and so diligent all her life that she deserves to be happy and a reward from us.

No one can ever replace my mom. She will always be my Super One, my Super Mom.

Thanks to Globe for coming up with a blogging contest like this because through this I was able to express my love for my mom. You too can express your love to your Super One through the Globe Super One, My Super One Blog Contest.


cablay said...

Super Mom from a Super daughter