Friday, February 4, 2011

What makes me super excited about the weekends?

"What makes you super excited about the weekends?"

When I started working as a layout artist and a part-time blogger, my schedule became so hectic everyday. I worked from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and need to finish everything for that day.  I need also to blog in the evening and review some products, because of this I'm totally stress out.  Even my husband David had the same situation like me.  He worked in Peacetech Inc in Ayala Techno Hub in front of UP Diliman as Communication Officer.  He has also the same stressful workout.

Honestly, we need a BIG BREAK!  And that's what makes me excited when weekends come!

Weekends coming! Weekends coming!  I'm super duper mega excited.  This is the only time me and David together with our 11 year old son JD had a super mega bonding.  We see to it that we do everything for the weekend.  We watched the movie Gulliver's Travel and RPG Metanoia in SM City Baliwag just like what we had last Sunday.  We went to the food court and try the new Thai cuisine.  After eating, we went to World of Fun and spend 2 hours playing there. 

This coming weekend, I'm looking forward to go shopping at SM City Baliwag (super excited!!!) and watch the movie "My Valentine Girls" together with my family.  Planning to go to our ancestral house in San Rafael, Bulacan in celebration of our grandfather's death anniversary and guess what I'm starting to cook my own Paella dish  :)