Sunday, September 4, 2011

“Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle”

I'm a layout artist working at home creating  and designing invitations like weddings, christenings and birthdays for my clients.  I'm an avid reader of Yugatech's site and found out this contest about Asus Monitors.

What would I give up for an Asus ML Series Monitor?

I'm willing to give up my 19" inches Sun Microsystem CRT Monitor for “Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle” not because I just want to have it but I realized I need to upgrade my monitor for my business.

Upon searching and reading reviews of Yugatech and other sites, here I found


According to Yugatech's review, the LCD monitor is thin with the top edge lined with hundreds of honeycomb-shaped grill which is probably for ventilation and at the back are the usual ports – D-sub, VGA and HDMI while my CRT monitor on the other hand, are bulky and take up a lot of space. 


Again, according to Yugatech's review, the screen has a matte finish to prevent glare so brightness is somewhat affected but still it will give you a good picture quality, sharp contrast and vivid colors while my CRT boast of 100 nits.


The LCD can give full HD 1080p resolution (1920×1080 pixels) but somehow I found out that CRTs can switch between different or multiple resolution settings without degrading.

Power Consumption
I found out also that LCD monitors consume less power than a CRT monitor - this is the best part and enormous for me to save electricity.  

Hoping if given a chance, I really want to win this for my business, “Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle”