Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Cutey Charm Bracelet Giveaway

Gellie of So Gelleesh together with Cutey made their first "The Cutey Charm Bracelet Giveaway".  They will be giving away Cutey Charm Bracelet.

Here's an additional information about Cutey  : 
"In our little corner of the world we’re passionate about making very special things and making sure they reach their true owners. Right now we’re busy taking care of our collection of prêt a porter charm bracelets, each one born from a single idea. If you’re anything like us, you have special colours which can inspire or relax you, or a quirky attachment to certain shapes or forms. We’re sure you’ll find a bauble here which will make your heart sing, one that your fingers will long to twiddle with and which will start more than a few conversations.
Cutey is a baby company, just setting out in the world, but our path is clear and we’re looking forward to bringing you more artisanal products. Keep checking in with us because little bits of gorgeousness will be popping up soon, with a range of necklaces, costume jewellery and single charms. How you choose to wear them is up to you.
Our pieces feel weighty and expensive – you’ll certainly know you’ve got cutey on your wrist – yet they’re priced to keep the joy in your investment. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with your purchase that we send each piece off knowing we won’t meet again. (But because we understand that everyone has the right to change their mind now and again, we offer a full refund policy - and do it with a smile)."
If you want to join in this giveaway, click HERE . Open to all Philippine Residents or those who have a Philippine address