Monday, July 13, 2009

Difference Between Facebook and Friendster

I admit, I'm totally hooked and spending more time in Facebook rather than Friendster. At first, I really don't like Facebook, the reason is that when logging in Facebook, it's too lame, too boring for me because of its light bluiesh color, actually it's not friendly user because of so many buttons you have to click.

That time Friendster is the most user friendly social networking. The color is fantastic, easy to navigate, easy to understand, you can create your own theme. You can approved or reject friends, you can now upload more than 1000 pictures, can read different comments from others friends and many more. You can also play games or music 1but you have to embedded it in your profile.

As time goes by, Friendster is still the same except only for some layouts. I tried to check again my profile in Facebook, and found out some new and exciting features about it.

You can also upload pictures, meet new friends, you can also play games and even chat with your friends.

I'm so amazed of its new look, it is now easy to navigate and whenever you logged in its like an online diary wherein you can find and know everything about your friends.

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