Friday, July 31, 2009

We watch a movie at last!

This afternoon David and I went to Metrobank to withdraw some money to our company account, additional payment for our server for this month. There are lots of people waiting for their turn. Actually our number is # 95 so we waited for almost 1 hour. After 1 hour it's our turn, withdraw the amount needed. After Metrobank we went to Union Bank along B.S. Aquino Avenue, David withdraw from his paypal transfer to his account in Union. Third, we went to Bank of the Philippine Island and deposit to Marck's account.

Around 5:30, we went to SM Baliwag, I bought CD again in CD-R King then we strolled again the area. David decided to watch a movie. Even though it's already late, we watched Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince amounting to 330.00 then we bought our snacks, I ordered combo # 1 (combination of regular coke, 1 regular size of popcorn and 1 mister donut). David ordered 1 large of popcorn and 1 medium size of coke with a total of P 184.00. Before we go home I bought 1 box of Waffle. Then we go home!