Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Noynoy Aquino for President

Early morning, when I went to my shop, my elder brother told me that Sen. Noynoy announced something on national television.

Noynoy Aquino, the son of late president Cory Aquino and Senator Ninoy Aquino had declared his bid for the Philippine Presidency in 2010 at an early morning press conference in Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan. Members of his family and the liberal party including Mar Roxas and other supporters were present in his announcement.

The announcement occurred during the 40th day of the death of his mother, Cory Aquino.

Here's an excerpt translation of what he said:
I accept the call of the people and the advice of my parents, and the responsibility to continue the fight for our nation. I accept the challenge to lead this fight. I will run for president in the coming elections.
Noynoy also offered the Vice Presidential slot to former LP front runner Mar Roxas but Roxas did not immediately made a comment nor reply to the offer. He says that today is the day of Noynoy and that let it be that way.

Various groups had already started fund raising for Noynoy in fact during the press conference a certain Gloria Alcuaz of the group Kubol ng Pag-asa passed a can around marked "Piso para kay Noynoy (A peso for Noynoy)" to solicit contributions for the young senator's campaign.


Pinaybackpacker said...

Yes, he is running. And I'm hopeful about this development. I wish the other Presidentiables will do a MAR ROXAS.

You might want to read this coulmn from the Inquirer: