Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fax machine in CDRKing

Yesterday we went to CDRKing in Robinson's Pulilan. I bought a cheap fax machine amounting to P 2,880.00 brand new.

Actually I want to buy a brother fax machine which is P 6,000 plus but suddenly I don't have the money right now. It so happen that last Sunday is my salary day or "sweldo ko sa palugan"

The reason I want to have a fax machine is I want to use it our computer shop and avail it as one of my services.

Here's the specification of the fax machine I bought in CDRKing

LCD WITH BACKLIGHT: Shows the current status of the machine operation, time and reception mode. Visible even in poorly lighted environment.

LOUD SPEAKER: Hands free conversation for convenience.

LOOK - UP AND AUTO - DIAL FEATURE: Stores at least up to 30 telephone numbers. To activate auto - dial, highlight the number in directory and just lift the handset.

HIGH SPEED FAX: Maximum fax speed is 14.400 bps.

SAVE - PAPER MODE: Efficient printing will save up to 50% of fax paper if this mode is selected.

BUILT - IN MANUAL: Print out user instructions whenever needed.

PERSONAL STATION MARK DESIGN: Set the station design name by handwriting